School Homework: Students from grade 1 to grade 12 will have mentors to monitor and supervise them to finish homework including a homemade meal


Certificates are provided upon the completion of each workshop

ScoreHub provides a variety of programs and workshops that enrich the learning experience and enhance the learners knowledge and experience.

1- Social Entrepreneurship

The Program proposes an interactive curriculum training program that not only teaches kids about entrepreneurship, but sets children up to become successful entrepreneurs and allows parents to get involved in the process every step of the way.

It proposes a progression of pioneering workshops intended to tutor, support, and suit the present youth with the essential abilities that will guide them in direction of future trends in the continuously professional domain. These workshops furnish them with the achievement aptitudes they need, and sets them the correct way for understanding business at a youthful age.

2- Art

In this course students will learn about Art and through Art.

They will respond to their own and other artists works and processes, and in so doing develop the skills of critical analysis, interpretation, evaluation, reflection and communication. Students become more mindful of their own artistic development and the role that arts play in the world around them. They will explore a variety of media, skills and techniques while adding their personal artistic touch to promote creativity.

3- Positive psychology

It offers a new perspective on learners’ behavior and interaction on three levels: Individual, Interpersonal and Social.

It investigates and proposes solutions and tools concerning:

  • Individual level: well-being and happiness, creativity, self-efficacy, self-esteem, humor, sense of life, optimism;
  • Interpersonal level: altruism, friendship and compassion, cooperation, empathy, forgiveness, education;
  • Social level: courage, commitment , pacification.

Positive psychology suggests that we think positively in a way to contribute beneficially and realistically to sustain more well-being for a greater number of people around us!

4- Theater

Learners will have a safe environment for expressing, releasing tension, and bonding with self and other, tapping into their own creativity and learning improvisational theater techniques.

5- Robotics

Robotics enables children to have an immersive and hands-on learning experience. Kids get to build their robots and bring it to life.

Encouraging creativity, problem solving and their imagination, kids will spend the hours brainstorming, building and experimenting with amazing robots. Topics covered include graphical based programming and basic motor movement control.

6- Storytelling

Storytelling works on growing the learners’ confidence by standing up in front of their peers and narrating personal and creative stories. In addition, storytelling is done by reading from a book and encourages them to interact and discuss it afterwards. It also works on their observation and creative abilities through watching a silent video and analyzing the events at the same time.

7- Dancing

Dancing, as a physical activity, is also a highly social activity. Dancing classes help children improve their social and communication skills, spark creativity and help them to develop an appreciation for the arts. The class is divided into the stretching and the technique and dance part.

The stretching part helps the student become more flexible, work on the his posture and not just for dance but for his daily life.

The technique and dancing part is about getting the student to connect with his emotions while focusing on many technical details.

8- Music

Learners will develop skills in critical listening and elements of music theory, learning about the culture in music. It refers to the impact that a person’s culture has on their music cognition, including their preferences, emotion recognition, and musical memory. In addition of the vocal training, orchestral percussion instruments and varieties of songs.

9- Educational Magic

This class covers socio-educational skills, where the magic tricks improve the critical thinking and observational techniques, problem-solving and presentation skills and dexterity.

It is also an effective tool for building self-esteem, teaching group cooperation, improving organization skills, and helping students achieve self-actualization and self-efficacy.

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