About Scorehub

ScoreHub is an eco-friendly center which consists of a 280 square meters space and is the first in its kind in Lebanon and the Middle East.

It stimulates student’s creativity, aspires to achieve sustainability, has modular flooring benefits and is also a convenient modern environment for teachers.

The hub encloses a space exclusively for studying as well as workshops capacities, where we support a variety of pedagogies, including quiet study, passive or active learning, kinesthetic learning, vocational learning, and experiential learning.

Our technology tools are integrated in our blended classrooms, conference room, amphitheater and all over the place.


Differentiate and personalize curriculum delivery to encourage and empower our learners by allowing them to develop their full potential and to properly be engaged as global citizens!


Create an inclusive ecosystem dedicated youth and adults. Achieve a balance between academic, social, cultural and emotional activities. Develop a stimulating and active learning environment where all members can achieve their potential. Foster intellectual curiosity which will last throughout our members’ lives!


Scorehub is committed to respecting the dignity, unique talents and individuality of every learner served. The Hub provides excellent, innovative instruction in a welcoming and peaceful environment in order to inspire, motivate and build self‐confidence.

Mrs. Fadila Ghandour

Socio-Educational Counselor & Founder of ScoreHub

Fadila is a socio educational counselor and special educator with expertise in gbv/sexual and reproductive health which includes behavior change programs as well as gender and male engagement, stigma and inclusion. Furthermore, she possesses wide experience in child protection intervention. The experience above lies within the idea that education is the foundation for protection which created the ScoreHub concept. Scorehub, with its collective novel skills, bridges the gap between educational facilities and institutions and the authentic workforce.

ScoreHub is a reference partner that supports children & youth in their educational process and facilitates their future professional choices.

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