21st Century Skills

Exclusive Curriculums from Lebanon, Sweden and Finland: Technologically Integrated

Holistic & Inclusive Approach

Why Scorehub?

ScoreHub prides in delivering ALL its services through 3 distinguished pillars benchmarking itself in the market:

  • Curricular reforms: administered and set by top professors in Lebanon.
  • Holistic focused methods: attentive to the cognitive, intellectual, emotional and psychological aspects of our learner.
  • Propriety educational Method: Stimulating, smart (technological integration) and creative space designed for positive and interactive learning.

Our Functional Partners


ScoreHub offers a unique and exclusive social- emotional learning intervention based on character strengths. Mightifier is based on Finnish education whereby teaching materials have been created by a multi- professional team of educators, psychologists, and positive pedagogy experts. Mightifier is a positive school culture program that helps getting rid of isolation and bullying by teaching character development and social skills.


VentureLab is a nonprofit organization that is helping create the next generation of innovators and change makers through entrepreneurial learning.
Entrepreneurship is a key to the national development and solution of many problems. The process of entrepreneurship is similar to planting a new tree.
In the spirit of encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs, ScoreHub Capacity Building Academy is conducting entrepreneurship workshops for children aged 6 to 18 .